Where I'm at now...

Slogging: as defined by me and my sole sisters

Slogging, as defined by me and my sole sisters, is  “slow jogging.”  OOOOOOH YEAH! It’s not a walk by any means, but it’s not quite a run.  It’s what you do when you have to put yourself at the 11-13 minute mile starting category of a race…it’s the back of the running pack. And that’s okay.  Actually, it’s more than okay because slogging is hard work.

I’m a proud slogger and I think slogging is one of the best ways of getting back into the fitness scene after having a baby. It’s all about getting comfortable with your body moving forward – the rhythym of the breath, the muscles firing, and mental fortitude to make it to your goal, whatever that goal may be.

My goal? To push through the feeling of wanting to walk…which happens more often than not. *sigh*

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