I’ll give it a shot. Introducing Sole Daddies!

Sole Daddy, meet the world. World, meet the founding member of Sole Daddies!

Take it away, Sole Daddy. 🙂

My wife asked me to write a something for her new blog. Like many days, my wife was wondering about the daddy perspective…. So, like many fitness endeavors in the past few years, I decided I’d give it a shot. I have completed a few sprint triathlons, a lot of running races, and I ride with a cycling team. As my kids have gotten older, training has become easier. Then last October, my wife and I had our third child. Since then training has become crazy difficult.

My wife’s request could not come at a better time.  The issue of not being able to work out or have a normal gym routine has driven me crazy.  So maybe typing about it will help bring some clarity to my dilemma. I have not gotten on my bike or in the pool in 2 weeks. I have been able to sneak in a few runs, but a few runs will not suffice…I need more!  A five month old who does not cherish a solid night’s sleep (like we do) and spring sports practices are the priority. So I have rolled over to my alarm and dreaming my workout in snooze mode before the alarm sounds once again.  I begrudgingly accept this phase of life – workouts have to come when they can.

I’ve decided that I need to turn everyday tasks and quiet moments into fitness opportunities. Here are a few you may find helpful:

  • 10 minutes of core exercises before I get in the shower at 5am. The world is still quiet at that time of day.
  • 5 flights of stair racing with my lunch box and backpack (I’m a teacher in a very tall school).
  • Volunteering to be a parent helper with the kids sports activities. This way I can run with the team, do drills, and sprints.
  • Walking the dogs almost always turns into a run with the dogs.

I’m doing what I can, but I am definitely anxious for the day I can have a regular workout schedule again! Even though life is absolute chaos most days and yours probably is too, you should definitely give it a shot.

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