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Change of Plans…

My plan since 7:00 am was to go out for a slow run around 2-3 miles, emphasis on the 2.   Looking forward to the next race, the goal of this run was to see if I could do it again…no walking…but relieve some of the pressure of doing 3 miles.  (I’m not feeling mentally strong enough for 3 miles right now.)  Naturally, reality got in the way of the dream.  After all the breakfast complaints, all the baby nursing, all the negotiating about proper clothing to wear for the weather, play date plans, emails, and dishes, I left the house at 12pm…with a raucous yellow lab and a cheeky 7-year-old.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  How did this happen?!  I tantrumed as loud as I could in my mind and whined that I was never going to reach my goal with a dog who has to stop and smell every blade of grass and little legs that were going to be tired after 2 blocks.  No, no, NO! This is not what I wanted! But I didn’t want to go back in the house and be sour for the rest of the afternoon either.  I had a plan to run, dang it! So we started down the street, my son ahead of me, smiling as he looked back ever so often to see how far away he was.  I started to soften.  I looked down at Tess, who was already happily trotting along with her tongue hanging out.  I softened a bit more.

Little Legs started turning our run into a game.  Hmmmm, not a part of the plan, but since there was no turning back, I amused him.  We’d stop and walk for a minute, then he’d call a sign or a spot ahead of us that we had to race to.  At first I just let him beat me every time. But then, as he teased me about being slow, my competitiveness kicked into gear.  I started sprinting as hard as I could to win our little races.  Dare I say it? I started to smile.  I kept sprinting as he’d call out a lamppost or an object to touch (they were always closer to him).  I kept smiling.  Hmmmm, this change of plans wasn’t so bad…and then it hit me.   My son, who is 7 and NOT a coach, gave me something great today… a Fartlek workout!  I would’ve never chosen to do that on my own, but what a great way to work on turning my slog into a jog or one day even a real run!  Maybe I should take Little Legs with me more often. 🙂

I got in more than a little workout today; I smiled and laughed with my boy.  My soul sisters would say: “Best.Run.Ever.”

My take away?  Being open to a change of plans is good for the mind, body, and sole…soul.

Change of Plans

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