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My Sole Sisters Inspire Me…Again

It’s Momma D here- no time for introductions this morning so I’ll get into it-

3:22 am- 15 year old dog wakes me up to go out.  Grumble my way down the stairs and open the door.  As momma knox said, open your mind and good things happen- I felt the WARM air of the spring and felt lots better about being up!

3:28 am- Return to bed.

3:35 am- Forgot to fill up said dog’s water bowl before returning to bed so get out of bed again and get her water.  Good feeling from nice warm spring air starting to fade.

3:36am-4:15 am- Listen to dog scratch, chew, cough.  Try to sleep knowing alarm will be going off way too soon.  Good feeling from warm air gone.

4:30 am- Husband rolls to back and starts to snore.  Consider smothering him with a pillow but realize I would then have to get a job.  Try to sleep.

5:15 am- Alarm goes off.  I am sour.  Decide to lay there till husband comes up for a shower in an hour.  Who wants to run after being up all this time?

5:30 am- Of course, still not asleep.  Think of my sole sisters- The one who has a infant, works full-time, takes care of 3 other people in addition to that, and always makes me laugh!  And the one who heads to the Y to exercise after all her kids’ activities and taking care of two infants all day and works her butt off at 9 o’clock at night!  Energy begets energy- I got out of bed with a smile on my face.  Ran, sweated, felt great.  Thanks sole- sisters. 

7am- Dog peed and pooped in basement.  Daughter complaining of hurt shoulder from lax, can’t find anything to wear…get me through my sistas!!

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