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After a 20 minute search for the DVD player remote, I gave up on doing a nice yoga workout which was going to make me feel strong and awesome. I was frustrated, but I reminded myself that I was committed to doing some form of exercise today and there was no backing out. So I laced up the running shoes, grabbed the dog and reluctantly went outside. It was a gorgeous spring afternoon – the sun was shining, the air was just cool enough to not feel overheated, and the wind was mild. It should’ve been great, but I knew my body wasn’t really up for it today. Here’s a list of mistakes I made:
1. I didn’t dress for success. Oh I had my fancy running shoes on all right, but that was it. I didn’t commit to looking the part otherwise and consequently didnt feel the need to live up to my outfit.
2. I didn’t prepare or stretch or give myself a few minutes to warm up. I jumped right into it because I thought if I didn’t start right away I’d never get started at all. And I needed to get far enough away from home as fast as I could or I was destined to walk right back inside to fold the laundry, wash all my pumping parts, and start getting dinner ready. That would be why my shins, and knees are hurting now.
3. I set off without a route. Not necessarily a bad thing, but for me today, it definitely was. I had no goal. I had no idea how far I wanted to go or would push myself to go. When I don’t leave with a focus, I start complaining a mile into it and eventually give up. Because I’m a BFB: Big Fat Baby.
4. Aggghhhh – this next one got me good. Tess and I stopped for more than 2 minutes to talk to old neighbors…it was more like 5-6 minutes and it was a major buzz kill. I was in somewhat of a groove and then came to a screeching halt to share the news of the new baby and play the catch up game while the dogs sniffed each other. I really lost focus after that.
5. I took the dog, which is ordinarily a terrific thing! She is probably my original sole sister who has kept me company on dozens of runs. But, I wasn’t feeling confident today and I should’ve separated the run from the dog walk. She essentially took me wherever she wanted to go…a big “No No” that the Dog Whisperer would certainly yell at me for. She then took a GIANT dump during the last half a mile home and I just couldn’t run with her leash in one hand and a flaming hot bag of poo in the other. It just felt wrong.

Now I’m sitting here my desk typing instead of rehydrating. Another fail. Please learn from this hot mess. If you’re not feeling that up for a run, either a) keep looking for the remote, b) take it easy and leave the dog at home, or c) bag it all and just go to the grocery store.
I texted this “worst run ever” bit to a sole sister you know what she told me? “You were still lapping all the people on the couch.” Hmph. She was right. I guess my 2.5 mile run/slog/dog walk wasn’t so bad after all.

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