Life with Kids, Mama D

Serenity Now…Almost

The scene- dreary day, dreary mood.  In workout clothes all day in the hopes of getting in a run  when Danny napped but didn’t work out- only makes me feel frumpy. Kids come home from school- good report cards!  Mood brightening!  Then, the end of the week tears, yelling, teasing, shouting, and nastiness begins…mood darkening.  Decide there is absolutely no better time than the present to put on headphones and run (figuratively since I’m on the treadmill) away from it all.  Mood brightening…husband comes home early from therapy and mood brightens more- a totally guilt free run since someone will actually be supervising the inmates.  Run, run, run…mood soaring!  Almost to my goal…serenity just around the corner…all is good… then…

Mom, can i sleep over at martin’s?  I wheeze, can we call back in 5 mins when I’m done?  No, he needs to know now so he can pick me up.  Sure, I say.  One by one they head to the basement…  Now the earplugs are out of my ears and the inmates sense vulnerability…they pounce.  (Please read the next portion in your whiniest inner voice for the full effect).

Why does Dominic always get to have sleepovers?  Can Jayson come over?  Dominic gets everything he wants.

No Jayson can’t cause mom said Sammi could come over.  Right mom, can you call her now?  But I lost her number so you’ll have to find it on the computer.

Mom, can you listen to the song I wrote cause you never do anything for me.

Are we really eating that for dinner?

Can I just have the chicken part?  You know I don’t like the rest.

Why don’t you make stuff we like?  Can we get pizza?

Are you almost done because you’ve been down here forever…

In the words of Tom Petty- God it’s so painful, something that’s so close, but still so far out of reach…

Serenity Now…Almost


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