Missed Opportunities

I let the world get the best of me yesterday.  Whether it was a chemical imbalance, fatigue, or just plain inability to cope I’m not sure but I definitely missed the opportunity to have a great day.  I felt like I was bombarded with bad news from every direction and instead of celebrating MY good fortunes, I chose to miss the following opportunities:

I gave my kids the silent treatment in the car bc I was mad they didn’t clean up after themselves and missed the opportunity for great conversation and singing;

I missed the opportunity to encourage my daughter who tends to quit when the going gets tough and instead gave her a hard time when she was feeling down;

I missed the opportunity (but not totally) to giggle with my friends- there is always giggles no matter how salty I’m feeling;

I missed the opportunity to read books with my little boys because those dishes just had to be done;

I missed the opportunity to tell my eldest what a great kid he is when he thanked me for letting him have his friends over and instead commented on the fact that I had to tell him to clean up.

Sooo- what does this have to do with running?  Well, when the alarm went off today I was convincing myself that it was Monday, I could skip the run and PROMISE to run every other day this week.  I almost missed the opportunity to generate some really good karma and get moving- I thought about all those wonderful missed opportunities yesterday and decided that I couldn’t spare another.  So I ran.  10 seconds slower than Friday but I added quite a bit of incline and I feel great.  Opportunity seized.   Here’s hoping I seize the rest of them today.



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