Today’s Run

In memory and in honor of all the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. 

For those who finished and didn’t get to enjoy the thrill of victory for very long.  For those who trained so hard and didn’t get to finish at all. 

For all the first responders, doctors, nurses, and everyday heroes who helped and continue to help heal those affected. 

For all of us runners (sloggers included)- may every step we take be one toward a peaceful world. 

And for the people who carried out this horrendous act, I can’t imagine having a heart so full of hatred and pain that hurting innocent people is the only way to cope.  The only justice for these people is for their hearts to learn to love so they can then feel the pain of every individual they have harmed.

-Mama D

1 thought on “Today’s Run”

  1. Amen, we run for enjoyment, sanity, fulfillment, health, all reasons opposite anyone could do what they did Monday in Boston…EVERYONE be sure to enjoy that next run even MoRe!!! I know I did on Monday night, despite a heavy heart!


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