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I think I need to improve my…

Technique. On my run today (a very short one – 2.5 miles) I realized that I need to improve my technique. I felt like my body parts weren’t collaborating at all to get the job done, I just felt out of sync. While I don’t want to blame it all on my body still recovering from childbirth (well, actually I do want to blame it all on that but I know I shouldn’t), I do think my entire midsection is figuring out how to get back to where it was before it was a habitat for a 9 pound little man. But the thing I noticed most today was that I think my breathing was really off. After doing a bit of research, here’s what I found:

* I may be chest breathing which is likely causing my leg fatigue. Who knew there was a correlation?! This Runner’s World article link below explains a research study behind this “lung and leg fatigue” issue. I think I have definitely have a touch (if not lots) of this. So it looks like I should start focusing on strengthening my diaphragm to do more belly breathing; breathing that is the backbone of Yoga and Pilates. This is just one more reason why I need to become more disciplined with my yoga workouts.

* I think I’m not using my arms efficiently and effectively which is causing me a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck while running. This link below gave me some useful information about how to run with my arms. I need to unclench my fists and focus on making sure my arms are continuously swinging front to back (no chicken wings when I’m tired) so I don’t waste so much precious energy! My goal for the next time I head outside is to be more mindful of how my body is moving in hopes that I can get it back to being more in sync. Here’s a good visual for proper running form. I’m going to make it a mental checklist and go through it during my run.

Great visual for proper running form.
Great visual for proper running form.

Source of Picture: – there is also a great interview that discusses the importance of form to become a balanced and coordinated runner.

I think this is the perfect time to “re-learn” how to run. I’m still moving quite slowly and not at very long distances. Here’s to a new and improved slog/jog/run!

-Mama K (CD5K)

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