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My birthday wish

Today I tiredly sit and daydream that of the most glorious birthday wish: to run at lightening quick speed. As a working mom, I think about how amazing that would be to wear a lightening bolt on my chest. I could be infinitely more efficient, infinitely more productive, and much less tired if I could move at the speed of light. Dinner could be done in 3 minutes, the laundry could be folded and put away in a flash, a marathon could be checked off my bucket list, and the bathroom could be spotless in a blink of an eye. *Sigh* Amazing it would be.

In reality, I am just another year older which means my hairs are a little more gray, my knees are a little more achy, and my metabolism needs another jump start. Another year means I can’t eat two slices of cake for dessert (or one for that matter – I should have an apple slice with water), and I have to work that much harder to lose this baby weight. I know it sounds like my glass is half empty, I certainly know that it’s not…but sometimes, some days, I just wish I could run, crackle, and light up the sky like lightening.

-Mama K (CD5K)

1 thought on “My birthday wish”

  1. Yes, but you WILL be able to test your skills at a 10K this fall!! Happy BIrthday!! Aren’t we all getting older each birthday? The most important fact is that you keep running…and running if you have that 2nd piece. The fact you are moving and active already will only help you enjoy more and more birthdays.


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