Mama S

State of Mind

I have found that my state of mind makes all the difference in my feeling happy or cranky.  Seems obvious but it’s harder than most think!  Some weeks I set my mind to view exercise as mandatory.  That means it gets done, no excuses.  I wouldn’t go a day without brushing my teeth, eating, or sleeping so why not put exercise in that must do category?  Some days it’s easy and some days I feel like I need a crane to get me off the couch!  The weeks I’m faithful to my exercise I feel so much more productive and my self-esteem sky rockets!  Just last night I just wanted to watch tv after the kids went to bed but I went to the gym instead.  Halfway through my run I felt like a whole new person.  The effects are still with me today.  I often wonder why it’s so hard to get started then when it makes me feel so good when I’m done.  Even though I love a good run, a good walk can be enough some days too.  One of my favorite quotes is “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Jillian Michaels.  So my plan is be active whenever I can no matter how I feel or what time of day I have to do it.  I will not talk myself out of it and will remind myself that I have never regretted a workout! It’s truly essential to my state of mind!

Mama S

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