Mama K (CD5K)

The “I don’t haves…”

Fairly soon there will be a post about the enemies of the mind and body; what they are, why they attack, and how they are sole (soul) blockers… This is merely an introduction to this upcoming post.

This morning I was almost attacked by one of the Sole Blockers: the “I Don’t Haves.” While all of the enemies are ugly, this is truly one that shouldn’t be allowed to ever creep inside because it makes you look old on the outside and your words sound sour. Luckily this Sole Blocker was stopped dead in its tracks.

It started simply during a conversation with my husband about signing up for a new race, a new challenge for me – a 10K. Initially I was really excited about the idea of tackling a new event for myself. I’ve never done a 10K, only 5K’s and a few sprint triathlons. And then it started… I heard the words start playing in my mind, some I even said out loud:

“I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t have the energy.”
“I don’t have the will power.”
“I don’t have the body or the strength.”
“I don’t have the focus.”

Fortunately my husband rarely has Sole Blocker attacks (only during open water swims). Quick! To the iPad! He deftly typed into YouTube’s search box “Todd Love Spartan Race.” What did my eyes behold? A very young triple amputee veteran competing independently in the Spartan Race challenges in full military gear. No legs, only a right arm. I was blown away and humbled. Watching this single limbed hero climb a rope, ring a bell at the top, then lower himself down with such ease and such grace made me realize that there is NO reason (NOT A ONE) why I can’t take on a new challenge myself. The Soleful Mamas salute you, Todd Love.

I continued the search of athletes with all kinds of abilities and bodies. I found two amazing and beyond inspiring ladies:

Sarah Reinersten – an Ironman Triathlete – I’ll say it again: IRONMAN. How awesome is this picture?!

Aimee Mullins – running champion, actress, model – she doesn’t even touch the ground when she runs. So beautiful!
picture source:

I’ve been so inspired by these pictures and the stories these athletes share. As I thanked my two legs and feet for being so good to me each day, I started making my list of what I do have. It was WILDLY longer than what I don’t have. POW! A successful Sole Blocker Bust.

My challenge to you today is to use two Sole Blocker Busters should you start going down the ugly path: Mindfulness and an Attitude of Gratitude. Take inventory of all of your blessings, be thankful for each one, turn any adversities into opportunities, and put on your soles. You HAVE EVERYTHING you need to just go.

-Mama K

For more on Todd Love:

or check out the you tube videos of kicking butt in the Spartan Race. I dare you to be inspired!

3 thoughts on “The “I don’t haves…””

  1. Truly inspiring! We have a lot of excuses as to why we can’t do something. What would happen if we started thinking why we can?


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