Granny Soles

Granny Soles – for readers of a certain age


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Lao-tzu

Two years ago I began my first step in gaining control of my health. Belly fat, arthritis, and stiffness had a face-off with “fear,” “I’m too embarrassed,” and “it takes too long.” Who won? Me. I was inspired by my daughter’s point counting, so I started there. The weight didn’t come off, but I felt better, and became more aware of how much I was actually eating, (oy vey)! I didn’t give up.
Year two rolled around. “It takes too long” started throwing a tantrum, so I fought back by ramping up my exercise, and switching to a free online app to count calories. I saw results! I felt inspired!
So… it’s taken two years to lose 15 pounds, but so what? They’re going to stay off because it’s been slow, really slow and steady, fairly painless, and because I said so! Be inspired by your own journey, whatever you choose it to be!

Put on your soles to wake up your soul, and just go!

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