Mama K (CD5K)


sponge bob panic

I can assure you, nothing gets you out the door faster than a good case of FOMS (Fear Of Missing Something – say it like it’s spelled, it’s a name. Don’t spell it out like you did with OMG). It’s quite a jolt. It’s also a good little thing to catch every once in a while when you’re a part of a running club because when you get a text that other members are out on the track and you’re sitting on the couch daydreaming, you get a good healthy dose of FOMS. The good news about it though is that FOMS turns into action. Consider FOMS a form of positive peer pressure. While initially it incites a feeling of anxiety (see SpongeBob above): “AAAAAaaaaagghhh! What are they doing out there? How many laps did they do? What are they chatting about? How much laughing are they doing without me?!” It then quickly turns into motivation. I guarantee you that you’ll never put your socks and sneakers on faster than when you’ve got a good ol’ fashion case of FOMS.

So, thank you. Thank you, FOMS for always giving me the jumpstart I need to get out the door and just go!

– Mama K

On a more serious note, check out this blog post by an individual that found running to be a huge part of their management of anxiety. I couldn’t agree more!

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