Mama K (CD5K)

Sole Blockers – Part 1

leave it all behind

Sole Blocker – definition – the unhealthy emotions that hold you back from starting your journey toward healthier living. They block you from exploring your potential as a runner and more importantly, as a unique individual created for greatness. Sole blockers are almost always also soul blockers. Examples of Sole Blockers: fear, worry, guilt, impatience, ingratitude, the “I don’t haves”, self-doubt, anxiety, and hopelessness.
Sole Blockers are sneaky. You never see them coming or feel them creep in. They’re like liquid, fluid and able to change shape without notice. Self-doubt can quickly turn into fear and fear into paralysis. We must combat Sole Blockers each day. It is essential to progress. It is essential to building any kind of confidence in yourself.
Stopping Sole Blockers is difficult yet simple. It takes body wisdom, awareness, and responsiveness. It requires the ability and more importantly, the desire to take pause and make a positive choice for oneself. It requires change. Stopping Sole Blockers also requires you to give yourself license to have a bad day. It requires forgiveness. It requires the ability to “Do it scared.” “Do it scared” is a concept that Granny Soles reminds me of frequently. Anything worth anything in life is hard work and a little scary. We’ve got to understand that we are capable of embracing all the fear, all of the guilt, all of the blockage and turn it into the energy that is going to propel us forward with a mighty force. This is the foundation of building confidence. And once confidence is built, goals can be achieved. Here are 5 ways I’ve really worked on busting the Sole Blockers and building confidence in all areas of life:

1. Pinpoint for yourself how you turn blockers into gateways. Is it talking through it out loud? Is it writing down the blocker on a piece of scrap paper and throwing it away? Is it breathing deeply to move through the blocker?

2. Take inventory. Identify which Sole Blockers crept in and know how you turn them into energy that’s going to propel you forward.

3. Make a plan. Reflect on how far you’ve come and be proud of your accomplishments (both small and large) as you move through that plan.
4. Believe that you’ve got everything you need to just go!

5. Just keep moving forward, one step at a time!
-Mama K

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