If it ain’t broken…

…it probably doesn’t belong to me.

Warning: spoiled housewife about to whine, inspirational message may be difficult to find herein.

Everything around me is breaking. I am a big fat black rain cloud.

Today we took a gentleman out to lunch that fixed our laptop a few weeks ago. (How very nice of him, the pizza pales in comparison to the number of hours it took him to fix “one of the worst viruses i have ever seen). As we dined, we discussed our desktop that quit working last week and our iPad that froze up this morning. I kid you not. Don’t ever let me touch your computer…i am apparantly the real life version of vanellope von Schweetz (a wreck it Ralph reference for those who have not yet had the pleasure of watching this great movie) the good news is that ipad is back so you get to read this very inspirational post.

The sliding doors on my van have been broken for months now. We had to call AAA tonight because my keys got stuck in the ignition of my 16 year old Saturn while it was parked in my driveway. When they asked me if I was “someplace safe”, I really wasn’t sure if I could honestly answer yes. The good news is they came quickly and the ghetto mobile is back in action. I am starting to feel like I’m a living episode of Sanford and Son.

The comcast guy came last week to hook up our phone service. When he asked, is there anything else I can do, I just smiled. He ended up having to fix the splitter in the basement, the connection in the living room, and the cable box upstairs all of which were on the fritz for months. He didn’t ask that same question again.

2 ceiling fans, a kitchen light, a cabinet door, a garage door opener, and one dog who has seemed to confused the indoors with the outdoors. The list goes on.

But…the treadmill still worked today. And for a few glorious minutes, i became a blue sky and sunshine with white fluffy clouds. Hope the “forecast” is good for tomorrow too.

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