Mama K (CD5K)

Got Motivation? Part 2

Noooooooo, Grumpy Cat is back!

grumpy cat run

My body is telling me to run, but my brain is really tired today. Usually it’s the other way around. So in order to bust through this funk I’ve come up with 5 more strategies to give me the push I need to get out the door. I’m going to commit to using 2 of them today – which 2, I’m not sure, but I’m going to use 2. Three if I have to.

1. Repeat the power song. Remember that nifty little strategy to find a song that just makes you want to move? Well, sometimes you need to hear it more than once, or at least I do. Depending on the length of the run, embed your power song 2 or 3 times into your playlist so you get a few more nice little surprises on the way.

2. Be proud! Be proud that you’re out there pounding the pavement! When I used to drive by runners I would say some snarky remark under my breath like, “Oh, it must be nice to have time for a little exercise today…” Now I cheer runners on when I drive by. I get my kids to chant too, “Go, go, go! Good job, runner.” On my runs, I like to think that there are at least 2 people that are in their cars cheering for me as I run by. That can usually get me to the next block.

3. Take inventory. When I want to stop on a run (which can be fairly frequent), I take a quick inventory of my body and ask myself a few questions first:
a. Am I gasping for air and dying? I mean really dying? No.
b. Do I have a Charlie horse or some other debilitating cramp at the moment? No.
c. Does anything really hurt? And I mean really hurt like all natural childbirth hurt? Never.
When I answer “no” to these questions (which is every single time I ask them), I keep going another block. If I need to ask myself the same questions again the next block, I do so. When I answer no a second time to all of them, I stop asking and just finish the run.

4. Dream of a better body. When I run, I dream that someday I’ll look like J.Lo. While I have a rather juicy rear myself, that thought really just belongs in the category of Es Impossible. Even so, I think to myself, “If J. Lo was running right now and she wanted to stop, would she?” Hell no she wouldn’t. She didn’t get those bangin’ legs by stopping every time she got a little pain in the knee. Keep. Moving. Forward.

5. Run on busy roads. Not in the street, but on the sidewalks. For Pete’s sake, be safe. What I mean is, run where people can see you so you’ll be less tempted to walk. I sometimes purposely choose to run on the more major blocks in my town because knowing that people are rubbernecking as they drive by me will keep me going. Yeah, I’m vain like that.

Look how far you’ve come. When the running gets tough, run backwards for 10 seconds and see how far you’ve come. If you’re weirded out by running backwards (especially if you’re on that busy sidewalk and don’t want to trip over a crack), then simply replay your run up to that point in your mind. Chances are you’ve gone further than you thought!

Be inspired today!

-Mama K

6 thoughts on “Got Motivation? Part 2”

  1. These tips are so motivating they almost made me strap on my cross-trainers and go for a run. Alas, I don’t own cross-trainers – I’m a swimmer. Great job, Mama K. Anyone that runs in this heat has bionic motivation, in my mind. By the way, please post the name of your current “Power Song” for those of us with inquiring minds.


    1. Well, if inquiring minds want to know- far be it from me to keep my power song(a) a secret! I have 3:
      1. My forever power song that makes me go a wee bit faster: Pump It by Black Eyed Peas
      2. The song that makes me keep going 4 minutes longer: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Who doesn’t love to belt out an OOOoooooOOOOOO in the middle of a run.
      3. I also love I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons


  2. Motivation Tip 6. Run. Often. Because when you are asked by a fellow Mama, “How many miles have you run since we ran together the other day?”, you don’t want to have to look at your shoes, kick the dirt, and mumble, “Um, none.” Just like I had to yesterday. Best motivation for me to put in some miles today. BTW, my current power song is Chris Brown Yeah 3x. I know, he’s not a model citizen but boy does that song do it for me….


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