Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing)

Breaking up

…with a slow running partner? Is this really happening?! Probably. Is this my destiny? Likely.

I’m always a little nervous to run with Mama D because she’s faster than me by a lot. But I make myself do it because “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another,” right? And while I hope to one day improve my speed by forcing myself to keep up with her (for part of our runs), she’s probably thinking she can’t wait to leave me in the dust. *insert paranoid giggle* Will she leave me with a few kind words, “It’s not you, it’s me…”? Maybe a text: “It’s over, slow poke, TTYL, OMG”?

After I watched this video, I think she might.

So I guess this leaves me with no choice. If I don’t want to be broken up with because I’m a plodder or slogger, then I better go find a running parachute and get to work. And since I don’t have one of those, I guess I’ll just make one out of a bed sheet. And since “ain’t nobody got time for that” maybe I could find a few other things to try that are on this list of 25 ways to run faster:

It’s worth a shot!

-Mama K

4 thoughts on “Breaking up”

  1. What a relatable post! I always have a tinge of paranoia when running with people who are faster than me – I feel like I’m the parachute slowing them down! But the article linking to the 25 tips is super helpful and I’m gonna try a few out. Thanks guys!


  2. I would never in a million years break up with you Mama K. I don’t care if you crawl- being your running partner is CHALLENGING, REWARDING, and FULL OF GIGGLES. You and all the Mamas are my inspiration. And let’s face it- none of us are going to be running the marathon in the Olympics anytime soon so there will always be someone faster…just enjoy the ride!


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