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“Make each day your masterpiece.”

van gogh tree
Van Gogh’s Mulberry Tree
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“Make each day your masterpiece.”
I saw this quote on a letter that my daughter’s 5th grade teacher wrote to his class. I don’t know who wrote it, but I read it 5 times. I whispered it to myself, I let it marinate for a moment, and then decided I was really inspired by it. I reflected on what kind of days I’d been creating lately, certainly not masterpieces. More like pre- school finger painting. Lots of colors, busy, lots of movement, definitely to the edge of the page, and probably really “messy” to the naked eye. Unless…*taps chin in thoughtful pause*… Unless those around me, the ones who love me unconditionally are the ones looking at my “mess”. I guess they would see a masterpiece. Just like I smile and see a masterpiece when I study my 1st grader’s artwork. Just like I see the beautiful art of motherhood in my fellow mamas and their days.

My hope is that when the world looks at my “masterpiece” they see someone who truly enjoys the process more than the product. I hope that in the swirls, handprints, and splashes of color they see laughter, friendships, and freedom. I hope they see someone who is blossoming herself as she works hard to cultivate the life around her.

What does this have to do with running? I don’t know, maybe nothing. Maybe everything. Maybe running is the part of the week (wish I could say day) that allows me to unlock my potential in other areas of life which then allows me to paint an even more textured masterpiece. Just maybe.

Something to think about on your next run (or your next commute to work, or when you’re brushing your teeth):
What kind of masterpiece will you create today?

Be inspired!

-Mama K

4 thoughts on ““Make each day your masterpiece.””

  1. Loved this! I’m always too “close” to my days to evaluate their art. Started thinking, each night, in terms of “3 Wins for the day”. Not sure my “wins” qualify as masterpieces, but us busy Moms sure have lots of art supplies to choose from.


  2. I really like this post – a great reminder about life and a motivating way to start the day. I’ll think about this on my next run! Thanks Mama K!


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