Year Ends, New Beginnings

Today is the last day of the 2012-2013 school year and boy did it fly by! I can remember the last day of school last year as if it were only last week. I am so thankful my kids had a happy, healthy, successful school year!

School’s end and summer’s beginning bring with them a sense of excitement and renewal for me. Just like new year!s day, I feel as if I should be making resolutions and setting goals. Paint this, organize that, call this friend, lose those pounds…the list and possibilities are endless! And today, time seems on my side. After all, we have 90 some days before the school grind starts again!

The 5k we ran on National Running Day was the perfect way to kick off this summer renewal! I was happy that I ran my personal best time, however, I was 16 seconds off the goal that I set for myself. So here’s what I’m going to do:

1) ramp up the cross training. A friend was kind enough to lend me the insanity workout, time to crack it open and improve my strength and stamina;

2) push myself harder during my running workouts. See Mama K’s post with the 25 tips, the intervals, the fartleks, and (deep sigh), the hills- gotta just do it.

3) resist the urge to procrastinate- gotta get up and get it done. I am a danger to myself when I have time on my hands…sure, you have all day to run. Next thing ya know it’s bedtime and I haven’t done a thing!

The next 5k I do will probably be in July. 4 seconds per mile by then- yeah, I can do it with the help of my fellow Mamas.

So, what’s your goal going to be? Happy Summer!!

Mama D

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