Mama K (CD5K)

For anyone who needs a visual demonstration…

…of what slogging really is, please refer to the picture below.

CK and AA slog

This is a picture of me and one of the Originals. For anyone who watches Vampire Diaries, you know what an Original is. While the slogger on the right is not an Original vampire, she is an Original Sole Sister and triathlon enthusiast. She is also the athlete that signed me up for my first race without my permission because it was just the boost I needed. She’s always known what I’ve needed in my exercise life and I can’t thank her enough for that.

But back to the slogging. Notice how my feet are barely moving off the ground. Notice how it looks like we’re almost standing still. Notice how the Original’s feet are both on the ground. Notice how I’m squatting mid-stride. Notice how difficult each step looks. (We were at the end of a triathlon that we barely trained for…and by barely I mean getting on the bike once to get rid of any cobwebs). Here’s another embarrassing picture of us slogging below:

CK and AA slog2

Now in this picture, the Original claims that she’s falking (fast walking), but because both her feet are airborne this cannot possibly be true. I don’t have a term for what her legs are doing so please share your ideas in the comments section! Maybe there can be a prize for the most creative idea.

There you have it, if you ever had any question about what slogging was or is, allow the pictures in this post to serve as the visual definition. Be inspired!

Happy Mamas in Pajamas Eve!

-Mama K

3 thoughts on “For anyone who needs a visual demonstration…”

  1. Really, don’t be dense . . . she’s not “falking” (fast walking) – she’s clearly “Fauxing” (fast, fake walking).
    That may mean you’re “slauxing”, but I’m not qualified to sort all that out. Keep up the great work!


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