Mama D

Listen to the Music


These are my favorite things…
1) My family & friends
2) My Dog
3) My iPod

Yes, my iPod ranks in the top 3! I have loved music (especially pop-music!) for as long as I can remember. It started with a clock radio in my bedroom when I was 7. I would spend hours channel surfing listening to (and I am really going to date myself here) the Bee Gees, Air Supply, Blondie, and Pat Benatar. When I was tired of the radio, I would fire up my denim covered record player and recreate the entire movie of Grease in my bedroom. (Oh Danny Zuko, I still love you.) The highlight of my weekend was going to Zern’s and buying a 45 for $1.00. (For those of advanced age, remember the Tanya Tucker poster on the side of the record store at Zern’s??)

And imagine my excitement when I got my first boom box equipped with tape player. Ohhhh joy. You could actually record songs off the radio to have as your very own! A little slice of heaven…as long as you could learn to live with the DJ talking at the beginning of all your favorite songs. This cherished player got me through jr and sr high playing my favorites- Purple Rain soundtrack, Yaz, The Violent Femmes, Beastie Boys, Barry Manilow, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears…

On to college where I met one of the coolest people in the world (I will call her Dr. Mama) who also loved music and had…hold your breath…a stereo that had a dual tape player to make MIX TAPES. Mix tapes for your best friends, your ex-boyfriend to make him miss you, for your parties, for your current boyfriend- we spent hours creating these tapes, loving the music and each other’s company.

Around the same time I got a Sony Walkman. This unbelievable device allowed you to listen to these awesome mix tapes ON THE MOVE! How could it ever get better than this…

Fast forward to today with our amazing technology and all the music you could ever want at your fingertips. The boom box has been replaced with devices small enough to fit in your pocket, the mix tape with play lists that take 3 minutes to create.

Music is still a major force of my life and an integral part of my exercise plan. It eases the pain, motivates, and gets me in the zone! Help me create the PERFECT PLAYLIST- tell me in the comments section your favorite work-out jam!! Let me know if it’s a song that gets you up and started, over the hump in the middle of your workout, or across that finish line with a flourish. Looking forward to listening to the music with you…

Mama D

3 thoughts on “Listen to the Music”

  1. Since I am close to your age, not there yet haha…some mix tape additions (old school) Blister in the Sun-The Violent Femmes, Shout-Tears for Fears, Barry that is all you:-), Make Some Noise-Beastie Boys yeah New School Beasties (trusting I don’t need to suggest any older Beasties), Run This Town-Jay-Z & Rihanna, Hard-Rihanna, Winner-Jamie Foxx…


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