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So much fun at The Philly Color Run


It was the most fun and fantastic rainbow explosion! And it most certainly lived up to it’s tagline of “the happiest 5K on the planet” with a Zumba party starting at 6:00 am and a never ending dance party at the finish line. Our family had a most wonderful time and for those of you considering participation in a Color Run, I say DO IT! You won’t be disappointed. Promise! Now that we’re experts in all things HAPPY and colorful, I’ll share a few tips with you.

1. NO WORRIES! This 5K is for everyone young and old. It is untimed and there is plenty of room to walk or run…at least on the Philly course there was. Participants were instructed to run on the left and walk on the right. Everyone pretty much followed the rules, so people stayed happy. Our team stayed right in the middle so we could jump in the runners lane for a bit and then jump out to walk.

2. WEAR OLD CLOTHING, ESPECIALLY SNEAKERS. We’re not quite sure if the colored cornstarch is going to come out of our clothing yet, so be prepared and just wear stuff you don’t mind throwing away if it doesn’t wash out.

3. BRING TOWELS OR TRASHBAGS. To put on your car seats for your ride back to the hotel or the ride home. The color definitely sticks to the car seats. One of our team members (who shall remain nameless) failed to sit on one of these items and now the back of the minivan seat looks like a rainbow unicorn sneezed on it.

4. LITTLE BABIES AND KIDS NEEDING STROLLERS, BRING A COVER. We brought old towels to clip onto the top and drape over the front and sides of the stroller to protect the baby and also the stroller itself. Worked like a charm. I don’t know what it would be like to dig the color out of the creases of a stroller and I’m glad I don’t have to find out now.

5. PROTECT YOUR PHONE. Either with a serious Otter Box or put it in a plastic baggie. A different team member (who will also remain nameless) didn’t follow these instructions and now has colored cornstarch in the speaker part of his iPhone. I don’t know if it’ll ruin anything, but there’s no need to take a chance.

6. ARRIVE EARLY! Avoid parking disasters (some of the participants had to park over a mile away and walk so very far to the start line. We were well on our way in the course when people were still walking past us from their cars to the start line) and get there super early! Since we stayed in a hotel and knowing that there was an expected 26,000 people attending, we drove to the course the night before and scoped out a few parking options. It paid off tremendously – we were about 2 blocks away from the start line and the party. It was perfect.

8. PROTECT YOUR FACE. Consider wearing goggles (for fun), sunglasses, a bandana over your nose and mouth, a dust mask, anything. I didn’t wear any of the above and I was okay with it, but I know others did not like breathing in or tasting the color dust. I swallowed so much because I couldn’t stop smiling and it all went right in.

9. BRING TISSUES OR BABY WIPES. These helped in a pinch if we needed to wipe off the kid’s faces or hands. Helped tremendously to have them. Since we had a stroller, we had a basket to store them in. If you’re running without “gear”, consider tucking some tissues or a bandana into your waistband just in case.

10. HAVE FUN! This is the “Happiest 5K on the Planet!” Don’t stress, don’t overthink it, just be free to enjoy turning into a rainbow!


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