Mama K (CD5K)


Destiny; fate.
Synonyms: fate – destiny – lot – fortune – chance – portion

I love this word. I love it’s definition and I love the way it sounds. I believe it was kismet that I started my running journey. My best girlfriends from college, the Originals, started me on the path. And now, my two favorite and best Soleful Mamas keep me on the path every week. Without them, all of them, I wouldn’t be reaching my potential, my destiny as a slogging mama. My husband and I would’ve never reconnected as a couple, my kids wouldn’t have a happy mama, and I wouldn’t be learning the things I’m learning about myself in the solitude of the miles I’ve logged.

So thanks to my dearest friends and thanks to kismet! I’m so very glad this is my fate.

– Mama K

2 thoughts on “Kismet”

  1. I’m so glad I heard about your group before the summer – you all are inspiring and have kept me motivated over the summer. Can’t wait to get back in town to do Wednesday night runs :-).


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