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Confidence comes from…


There is nothing like the feeling of confidence. Confidence that’s needed to successfully take on physical and mental challenges. Confidence that’s needed when you’re staring in the face of a new goal. After completing my first 10K with a fellow Mama, I realized that this confidence can only come from the support of being surrounded by mighty and inspiring women. I think about the Mamas with more than 3 (or 4!) children and the Mama who is studying for a big exam this weekend as she works toward her Doctorate. I think about the Mama who is working through tough changes in her family and the Mama raising chickens for her brood. I think about the Mama who has spread the word about our running club and has brought the most new members to the track. I think about the Mama who sets the pace and the Mama who sets the goals – all of these women bring a power that is matchless. We draw strength from each other through laughter and encouragement; with each step we get stronger. It’s no wonder then that Mama D and I ran a stellar 10K (our official time was 1:03:19) – we had the strength of more than 10 women carrying us through!

Pre-race jitters:

Coming toward the finish (smiling!):

Crossing the finish line:

A big round of applause and a GIANT thank you to ALL of the Mamas who sent us texts of encouragement before, during, and after the race. You are the reason we killed our run!

-Mama K

P.S. No, no, don’t worry, I didn’t report the wrong time to try to make ourselves look better than what we are (just a bunch of sloggers). The 10K started exactly 10 minutes after the half-marathoners got off and running which is why you see the race clock at 1 hour 13 minutes. Be inspired today!

Strength in Numbers picture found here:

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