To bring them or not bring them, that is also the question

As many of you know, our little Mamas club started with a few of us dragging our kids to the track so they could play together as we blazed our trails of awesomeness. But as is true with most events including children, some days run smoother than others. Some outings go entirely as planned while others leave us wondering, “why the $&@# did I bring you here”? When given a choice, this leads to the question, do I bring them or do I leave them home?

This question seems even harder to answer on race days. The anticipation, the nervousness, the mental preparation…can all of this be managed while tending to everyone else’s needs?

Some reasons to bring the brood along (quotations represent actual utterings by my offspring):

– it is important for kids to see their mom doing something positive for their health;
– it is great for kids to see that winning isn’t everything: pride, respect, and happiness can be found in accomplishing your goals;
– who doesn’t love to see smiling cheering faces at the finish;
– and what could be better than hearing “I’m proud of you mom”?

And then there is the dark side…

– “why do I have to get up so early? It’s not like you are going to win!”;
– (as we pull into the parking lot for a race)- “this may not be a good time to mention this, but I forgot my shoes”;
– “do you see that old guy with grey hair over there? He beat you. And by a lot too”;
– (after i finished the race my daughter says to me)- “can I have that water, I am really thirsty”.

As with most decisions, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Looking back over my running adventures in the last year, there are times I was glad they were there, times I was glad they weren’t there, and times I wish they were. So next time you set out to blaze that awesome trail, take a moment to decide if you want to pick up after your kids along the way…and definitely enjoy that celebratory hug!

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