The Evolution of Track Night

It’s so awesome to see how track night has gone from 2-3 of us getting together at the high school track on an impromptu basis to 7-9 Mamas coming out consistently twice a week with their children. At any given time there are 5-10 kids hanging out and playing together, which is so great to see lap after lap. The whole family is starting to embrace healthy living as a part of their daily dose of fun.

We’ve gone from “just lace up your sneakers and put one foot in front of the other” to pushing ourselves and achieving serious fitness goals. Recently the older kids have had the opportunity to be the fitness coaches if they choose. Just last week one junior high student (who’s mama runs with the group) took the ladies through a challenging 40 minute football training practice. Sprints, Field Snakes, and Hill Repeats were the focus. Did the ladies complain? Just a bit, but we know this is going to get us faster. We even had to jog to get to our water break- there was no mercy. We came back for more this week and our Junior Coach continued the challenge with hill repeats (only this time doing them running backwards and bear crawls), planks, push ups, and serious sprints at his command. It was fantastic and we can feel ourselves getting stronger. Providing the opportunity for the kids to coach not only guarantees that the Mamas are going to workout hard, it gives the youngsters a chance to develop leadership skills all while bonding with their family and building a sense of community. In this fast paced world, track night with the Soleful Mamas Running Club is the perfect place to reconnect and get healthy – mind, body and soles…

Plus we’re officially official with our magazine cool club t-shirts. Let us know if you want one!


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