Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing)

Most Helpful Little Running Accessory

Same story, finally a different ending!

I meet the Soleful Mamas for a run at least twice a week. Every time, I’m optimistic and prepared to give it my all for the next hour. I stretch my arms up to the sky and take a deep breath. I run through my running accessory inventory and I’ve got everything – Runkeeper, ear buds, water – check, check, check. My favorite running shoes perfectly hug my feet, and I’ve got a playlist prepared that’s about to carry me into running bliss. I hit “shuffle” and off I go…and then I stop…

I forgot to hit start on Runkeeper, I didn’t double knot my laces, my water bottle top wasn’t pushed down all the way so I feel every little splash on my back, and worst of all annoying mishaps: the cord of my ear buds is flapping up and down. With every other step, they annoyingly smack my chin and I spend too much precious energy adjusting and readjusting because (thank you, gravity) my ear buds are slowly being tugged out of their comfy little nook. Sound familiar at all? If you’ve answered yes, especially to the last part about the maddening lack of “cord control” for your ear phones then pay close attention…. Introducing …  Bud Buttons!

Seriously – take your unruly cords from this:
Unruly cords

To this:
Candice - Jen buddy

bud button 1

Bud button 3

What a difference they make! Bud Buttons are THE BEST in “cord management.” No more snaking your cord under your shirt, no more wrapping a too long cord around your sports bra strap keep it out of the way, no more trying to re-route the cord from your arm band through the sleeve, out the back and up into your ears. AMAZING!

How does it work? It’s simple – the powerful stay put magnet secures the lightweight (1/2 oz.) Bud Button to your shirt, then simply snap in your cord to the multifunction cord clip to orient the cord in the direction you want it to go and you’re off! Comfortable, affordable, easy to use, and it solves a huge problem! Get yours today at: and let us know what you think!

– Mama K

P.S. Tell us about your favorite running accessory finds in the comments section, we’d love to hear all about them!

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