Happy Thanksgiving!

I am sitting at my kitchen table watching the trees blow in a very gusty cold wind asking myself, “Are you really going out to run in this?  Hot coffee is just a step away….”  But I know the answer must be “YES!!”- the other Mamas await!  Hopefully this cold air will make me run faster….

i saw this quote the other day and thought it was a perfect to share today-

“Imagine only having today what you gave thanks for yesterday”.

As this cold weather makes it harder to get motivated to run, be thankful for the strength and opportunity to do so, I know this blessing is getting me out the door this morning!

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your blessings today and everyday!

1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. I really like that quote and am so thankful to have the wonderful ladies of this group in my life! You gals are my motivation, my inspiration, the swift kick in the pants I need so often, my confidants, my friends. Thank you to everyone who has been slogging with us since March! I am thankful for all of you!


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