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Blaze Your Trail of Awesomeness in 2014!

“I am able to do it, that’s why I do this. Because I’m able to do it.”  – Olga Kotelko

Olga Kotelko may just be the world’s greatest athlete.  At 94 years young, she’s a track and field world record holder (26 times!) and has collected over 700 GOLD medals for her amazing accomplishments.  She does many of the track and field events including the high jump, javelin, and 100 meter run.  I’ll say it again: THE HIGH JUMP… at 94 years old.   As we start creating our list of New Year’s resolutions, I challenge you to think about the extraordinary, the limits you’re able to go beyond, the dreams, the crazy ideas, the goals, and the inspiration that is all around us.  There isn’t any possible way you can watch this video and not feel like you can do great things!


What trail of awesomeness will you blaze in 2014?


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