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Shoot for the Moon

Muffins to Marathons has a bunch of very cool virtual races and challenges that are going on all year long. Last year I joined the Fit 4 Life Race Series and signed up for the Shoot for the Moon Challenge. It was a group challenge where the goal was to collectively run, walk, swim, hike, bike, or row our way almost 240,000 miles in 2013.  I stumbled upon Muffins to Marathons mid-way through the year and joined halfway through the challenge in June as a way to stay accountable.  I have come to realize that I’m very much a data driven person.  I am extremely motivated by watching the numbers add up and I love to have a log to look back through to see how far I’ve come.  Not only was it a way to stay accountable, they also sent you a finishers packet complete with a medal and a t-shirt.  Everyone that knows me also knows that I’m highly motivated by collecting race t-shirts.  But the real beauty of this finishers packet was the medal. Check it out in all it’s glory:

photo 1

Nice, huh?  But the REALLY amazing thing is it’s size and weight.  If you think it looks like a traditional medal in the picture above, you would be sorely mistaken.  It’s actually a VERY large gi-medal that can’t be hung anywhere because it’ll rip any nail out of the drywall. Look at in comparison to my hand and arm!

photo 2

When I pulled this sucker out of the package everyone’s eyes lit up, and everyone had to try it on, and a few (well actually it was just one 7-year-old revved up little boy) swung it around which ended in me yelling and hiding it.   Not only do I feel awesome for contributing my 231 miles (it really should have been 238 but I forgot to log my last two runs of the year), but I have this mega medal to prove that I earned my spot at 248th place out of 446 participants.  The first place individual logged over 10,000 miles which is beyond my comprehension, with lots of participants really high in their mileage. I can’t imagine doing almost 1,000 anythings in a month, but kudos to all of them!  Needless to say, the group made it to the moon and beyond.

This was a really fun challenge and I highly recommend checking out the Fit 4 Life Race Series to try out some virtual races and challenges for yourself.  My goal is to log at least 500 miles for 2014…a few friends and I are trying to virtually meet in a town somewhere between Pennsylvania and Colorado since we live so far apart now.  We’ll have to run, swim, and cycle our way at least 600 miles each between the three of us, but it should be a good time trying to get there.   What will your journey be this year?  Be inspired!

-Mama K

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