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Sometimes running is like….


Grocery Shopping….that’s right…Sometimes I think running is a lot like grocery shopping.  Why?

1. You need to budget for it.  Both in time and in dollars or you’ll be remorseful in no time (see #10).

2. You need to know what you want before you get there.  You don’t necessarily need a formal goal, but you at least should have an idea of what you’re going to come home with (see #10).

3. It’s a great experience for the kids to go with you, but it feels better to do it alone. Way better.

4. It can feel like a total drag and “one more thing on the plate” until it’s done. Then you’re happy and hopeful, and thinking about all the goodness you get to eat.

5. Standing at a stoplight with lots of traffic feels a lot like standing in line at the deli counter…….number 97? 97? Anyone have 97?…….okay….. 98?……Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I need to keep moving, People!

6. Some days (okay, most days) you need to mentally pump yourself up and get “in the zone” before walking out the door to do either.  You yell things like this to yourself as you get your shoes on “WOO, YEAH! I’ve got COUPONS and a LIST and I’ve got all my meals PLANNED for the week and this is going to be AWESOME.  Get ‘er done!” When really you feel like just going to back to bed – you’ve got a few more eggs in the fridge.

7. Both keep your body and family strong.

8. Thinking that you could go that extra mile that you didn’t expect to elicits the same Pavlovian salivation as when you see the shelves full of bacon. Gotta have it.

9. The feeling of a “bad run” is the same as getting the cart with the rogue wheel that squeals and shrieks as it twirls around in its own crazy. Instead of trying to control it, you surrender to it because it’ll take too much effort turn around and go back.

And the #10 reason why running is like grocery shopping is….*drum roll please*

10.  You walk into the grocery store or running store planning to spend $100 and you leave with $250 worth of things you “need”.  You walk out in a swirl of emotion; excited and ashamed, guilty and thrilled.  Happens all the time.

What does running (or any other form of exercise) remind you of sometimes? Please share in the comments section!


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