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Little Joys

On my long run today with one of my favorite running buddies, Mama C, we discovered 5 little joys that need to be shared.

1. 20-30 degrees no longer feels cold. I believe the temperature was under 30 degrees during our run and we couldn’t believe how good it felt. Fresh air is healing.

2. Running without music clears the mind faster and brings even greater clarity. I’ve always run with music and I still will while I’m on the treadmill, but when I’m outside running now, I’ll leave the headphones at home. No longer afraid of the sound of my own breathing, the rhythm of my footsteps and breath is regulating like a metronome. I now believe that’s what clears the mind and brings even greater focus.

3. Unplanned intervals. In order to get by a slow moving cyclist swerving near the sidewalk, cross the street before the car hits you, or to pass the creepy dude walking and talking solo, you need to sprint. A little speed work in the middle of a long run never hurt anyone.

4. Unintended hill repeats. Thank you, Boyertown.

5. Free therapy! Having a running buddy + no music = get it all out and de-stress! An hour and a half of processing through the problems of the week and preparing for the week ahead leaves you in a good mental place.

BONUS JOY: Realizing your can’t fail when you run. We had a long discussion about our upcoming 15K and half marathon and came to the understanding that we may not be able to run the entire distance. What’s the worst that can happen? We walk! And that means we are still moving forward and that’s all that matters.

Please share the little running joys you’ve discovered.

-Mama K

2 thoughts on “Little Joys”

  1. I so agree about running outside without music! In a life that very rarely has quiet, contemplation time between the family and work duties, I relish an outdoor run to clear my head, even with all the city noises around me.


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