Life with Kids, Mama K (CD5K)

5 Ways Running Makes Me a Better Mom

1.   I have a much higher tolerance for snots, boogers, and loogies.  I no longer freak out at the kids occasionally nose wiping on the sleeve, I simply remind the children there is a time and place for that.  I love snot rockets and have spent every outside winter run with my gals blowing them and listening to them blow their nose in whatever shirt they were wearing.  Not too long ago I caught myself at work IN THE OFFICE almost swiping my nose with the sleeve of my dress. Embarrassing!

snot rocketsYou can seriously buy this shirt and other snot rocket gear on – how awesome is that?

2.  I can out perform my kids (or any of their friends) at singing today’s pop music. Frozen’s  “Let It Go” has become the treadmill running song to belt out complete with choreographed dramatic arm and hand motions.

3.  Running makes me like me.  And anytime I like myself, I’m a better mom.

4.  Anytime the kids badger me: “Can we go to Kiwi? Mom, can we go to Kiwi after dinner? Mom, mom, MOM. Can we go get frozen yogurt at Kiwi for lunch instead of a real lunch? Mom, don’t say ‘I’ll think about it. That always means no.’ Mom, can we go to Kiwi?” I race them to the car.  Guilt free.

5.  Running boosts my math skills. With the 800 steps needed to solve today’s 2nd and 6th grade math problems, I need all the help I can get.  Running brings clarity, focus, and patience; the three main requirements for helping kids with math. Word problems have ALWAYS look liked this to me:


 Tell us in the comments section why running makes you a better mom!

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