“Frozen” is:

a)  What every parent was this weekend watching their children play outdoor sports;

b) What we have been for 99% of our training runs in 2014;

c) What our hearts were when Mama K got sick and couldn’t run the Hot Chocolate 15K; or

d)  All of the above!

Frozen is also a wonderful Disney movie that all Mamas have undoubtedly watched no less than 5 times during the past week.  “Do you want to build a snowman…”  There I did it- it’s stuck in your head again.  You’re welcome.

The soundtrack of Frozen was playing in my mind over and over again yesterday as Mama C, Mama G, Papa K and I completed the Hot Chocolate 15K in Philly.  To start,  I watched the movie 7 times last week.  (Yes, I know, I need to get off the couch!!)  Secondly, we were frozen.  Before, during, and shortly after we completed the race.  And there was no cute snowman around to give us a warm hug.

Lastly, as Mama K noted in her last blog, the song “Let it Go” is catchy, fun, and fabulous to sing as loudly as you can!  It also contains lyrics which I think sum up my experience during yesterday’s race- “It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through…”.  Mama C was the living embodiment of these words!  She set a goal to not walk during the race and she REACHED THAT GOAL while clocking an amazing time.  The determination was visible on her face and it was awesome and inspiring.  Congrats Mama C on your outstanding race- we look forward to cheering you on in June at the half-marathon!

Be inspired- set a goal today and create a plan to reach it.  Mama C did.

**  And a BIG CONGRATS to Papa K on his 1:15 finish!  Wow.  You rock.

1 thought on “Frozen!”

  1. Great Job Mamas! I have to keep looking over my shoulder, you ladies are creeping up on me! Great Job & keep Blazing your Trails of Awesomeness!!


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