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Due Date: January 11, 2015

We are so giddy and proud to announce that we are expecting our first….. MARATHON!!!

Still buzzed from their half marathon success, Mama D and Mama S decided that there’s no time like the present. I apparently got a contact high and jumped on the bandwagon (I’m pretty susceptible to peer pressure).  So…here we are, all signed up and awaiting our 26.2 at the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend next year.

I keep thinking about one of our Mamas likening the marathon training experience to pregnancy. I imagine that the race experience could parallel the birth experience as well.  I’m at the beginning stages of understanding this analogy.  I’m excited.  I can’t believe how easy it was to get here, it only took one click of a button.  I am nervous and sometimes terrified when I think about the magnitude of the process. I’m humbled by the thought of my body being capable of something so intense.  I’m sure there will be great days, good days, and really crummy days.  I’m sure there will be “the worst days ever” that will leave me questioning if I can really do this. I’m sure I will eat like a bear preparing for hibernation, I’m sure I’ll be cranky and irritable sometimes, I’m sure I’ll need to find time to rest my achy muscles and bones.  I know that I’ll need the support of my family, I know that this will take focus and commitment, but I know that life is not a dress rehearsal and it’s time to go big. I know that there will be purposeful discomfort and pain and I know that the preparation for this will be vital.  I know that when I cross that finish line I’ll cry.  I know I’ll hold my medal close to my bosom and have the wild adrenaline pumping glimmer in my eye.  I know that I’ll look lovingly and gratefully at my (running) doulas, Mama D and Mama S, for guiding me through this amazingly difficult adventure.

Now it’s time to complete the training plan research and choose one.  I’ve got a lot of time to prepare, but I like modifying plans, going slow, and making sure I have flexibility so I’ll start now.   If anyone’s got some suggestions, please share them in the comments section. I’ve looked at Hal Higdon’s novice 2 plan, the Jeff Galloway marathon guide that’s on the Run Disney website, a Runner’s World plan, and I’ve found a few websites such as  I just started searching online “busy mom’s guide to running a marathon” this morning and found a great website: and just downloaded their training schedule to look at.  If nothing else, preparing for 26.2 makes my 13.1 in the beginning of June 100% less scary, which is definitely helpful for someone who has performance anxiety!

I’m really proud to be a runner and I’m so excited to keep on blazing my trail of awesomeness with my Soleful Mamas!


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