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3 Best Race Tips I’ve Heard All Year

All 3 of these tips came out of Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run last weekend.  I’m sure these will be put to good use!

1.  Crush the Cup: Hands down, this is my absolute favorite tip I’ve heard yet.  When going through a water station, you need to slow down so you can grab your cup and hydrate.  Well, I’ve had my fair share of water up the nose and coughing fits because I couldn’t hold my arm steady enough to take a sip and the water sloshed around, up, and eventually out.  But now…. now that I know about “crush the cup”, my nose should no longer be in the splash zone.  Here’s how you do it:

– when going through a water station, reach out and grab your cup of water

– pinch the top of your cup with your thumb and index finger or thumb and middle finger

– sip from the smaller opening and avoid the splash

crush the cup

The cups I’ve had at races aren’t this big so you’ll have an even easier time crushing the cup and sipping your H20. Thanks, Hubs, for the awesome tip (and the hand modeling).

2. Airplane Mode for iPhone:  Nothing screams “Stop focusing on your 10 mile race” than the appliance delivery guy calling you three times to give you an estimated time for his arrival (true story).  One of the Mamas who ran this race discovered that airplane mode was the way to block out the rest of the world, but keep on moving sans distractions until she crossed the finish line.  According to Apple’s Support website, you can disable your wireless features of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod (not that anyone would be caught running with their iPad – that would be an unnecessarily  gigantic arm band).  When you enable airplane mode from the settings screen, you turn off the cellular capability (voice and data), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and location services.  Bad for if you’re using your device to track/log your run, but great so you’re not getting texts from your husband about one of your children being left behind at a baseball game when you are 300 miles away finishing up your first half marathon in another state….another true story – just ask Mama D.

3. Middle of the Road:  Hubs also told me about trying to stay in the middle of the road the next time I run a race. It’s flatter and will require less energy from me (and my ankles) trying to keep my balance on a subtle downward slope on the sides of the roads.  This is really good advice for me since I tend to try to stay out of everyone’s way and inevitably wind up along the sides.  I’m going to make it a point to try this the next race and make other people passing me go around to the sides.  They’ll probably be annoyed by my road hogging and shout “On your left”! I’ll wind up drifting off to the right edge of the road anyway, but it’s worth a shot.

*BONUS TIP! If you know your race is a bigger race, and by bigger I mean a massive amount of people…Ladies, bring your own toilet paper or tissues for the Port-O-Potties.  ‘Nuff said.

Now go out there and blaze your trail of awesomeness!

-Mama K

2 thoughts on “3 Best Race Tips I’ve Heard All Year”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! Love the cup thing! Keep in mind too that there are often cones in the middle of the road so be mindful not to fall on them, right Mama K!?!


    1. Haha, yes! That’s probably why I started running on the sides of the road to begin with… Tripping over cones within the first 30 seconds of a race makes you look like you’ve never been there before.


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