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The ABCs of Race Day Preparation

One week to go!  I’m terrified of forgetting something important so I’ve made my list and checked it more than twice.  Here it is in alphabetical format – feel free to pass it along, modify it for yourself, or use it as is!


A – Allergy medicine

B – Breakfast Banana (along with Peanut Butter and Ezekiel bread)

C – Chapstick and Calf compression sleeves


E – Expo address and directions

F – Fuel belt &  Foam Roller

G – Gu Energy Gels – with and without caffeine

H – Hotel and shuttle reservation confirmation & Hat

I – ID for packet pickup

J – Joy!

K – “Kill it” attitude!

L – Lock Laces

M – Moisture wicking top and capri pants

N – Nuun hydration tablets

O – Optimism

P – Predetermined place to find my family at the finish line

Q – QuickShot Plus – Nathan hand held water bottle

R – Race bib, Road ID,  R8 by ROLL Recovery muscle massage (I will post on this one week…it hurts so good)

S – Socks, shoes, sports bra, sunglasses

T – Trust in my training!

U – Underwear of the non-cotton, moisture wicking running kind

V – Visor and vitamins

W – Watch (my Nike+ GPS Sportwatch)

X – Xeroxed copy of the hotel and shuttle reservations so when we can’t find the original, we have backup

Y – “You’re Gonna Rock This!” words of encouragement from my Husband

Z – Zen –  It’s time to untangle my bundles of nerves and find the focused calm



Even though we started our taper week yesterday with an extremely unimpressive 8.25 miles filled with walking and complaining, I think we’re ready.  We’ve got lots of stretching in store for us this week, rolling out, yoga, a few light runs, and rest days.

By this time next week, I’ll have already crashed on the couch from all the exhaustion and excitement, but I’ll be sure to report back with a race recap!

Be inspired, then… run with it!

– Mama K



2 thoughts on “The ABCs of Race Day Preparation”

  1. A for the admiration I have for you!
    B for BAM- I rocked that race! (What you will be saying as you cross the finish)
    C for celebrating 6 months of training!
    Go Mamas! Enjoy!


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