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Cold Weather Runners, Rejoice!

It’s here, it’s here, autumn is almost here! This morning’s 55 degree outside 5 miler renewed my running spirit and it came at the perfect time too. Mama D and I are midway through our training for the Hershey Half Marathon (which will workout to be halfway to our full in January) and I’ve been really close to throwing in the towel.  It was a great summer at work, with the family, for travel, visits with friends, but it was a bad summer for running.  After my half at the beginning of June I just couldn’t get back into a groove of where I wanted to consistently run.  And with 3 children at the start of the school year, the past 4 weeks have been a precarious juggling act to say the least.  This is pretty much how the last 3 months have gone:

“I’m soooo tired…. it’s the heat.”

“I just can’t take one more step after 3 miles!…it’s the heat.”

“I ran out of time…it’s the heat.”

“I have a blister on my toe…it’s the heat.”

“Boy, Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 program is trickier than I thought…it’s the heat.”

“My allergies are bothering me…it’s the heat.”

“I can’t wake up early in the morning… it’s the heat.”

“I can’t go any faster…it’s the heat.”

“My shoelaces won’t stay tied…it’s the heat.”

“It’s so hard to run after dinner even though it’s light out until 9pm…it’s the heat.”

“Ben & Jerry’s – STAT!…it’s the heat.”

“I didn’t eat breakfast this morning so now I’m really weak and shouldn’t push it…it’s the heat.”

“Wow, it’s Thursday and I haven’t run yet this week…it’s the heat.”

“I can’t lift any air-conditioned fingers to even blog about how I don’t feel like running…it’s the heat.”

To have a taste of the 50’s was such a mental boost today.  There was no whining inside my head this morning, which took up the majority of the space for the past 3 months.  All that was left was the problem solving and planning for the next week of training and the 10 miler that’s due next weekend.  Thank goodness for a little chilly air to put everything back in order!

For those “hot runners” out there, how the heck do you do it?! A few secrets or tips could really help a Mama out.

-Mama K

P.S. Sorry for GIANT delay in posting….it was the heat, remember? There’s so much to share too – sprint triathlons were tackled, family 5Ks were run (my 8-year-old SMOKED any time that I could ever do on a humid July morning), and track nights were in full effect. There are many pictures to share, the plan is write a summer recap very soon… stay tuned!

Butterfly runner-01

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