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Possible Peroneal Tendonitis? Now’s Not a Good Time!

This weekend marks our halfway point in marathon training.  Mama D and I are running the Hershey Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  I’ve been looking forward to this race for so many reasons: my time and endurance has been steadily improving and I am looking forward to a stronger finish….but mainly I can’t wait because a few of my best girlfriends from college are gathering together so it’s going to feel more like a fabulous reunion than a morning full of mileage (only one of the Originals will be cheering instead of running since she’s ruling out all sorts of leg problems like compartment syndrome – not fun).

October has definitely brought better running; my family has found a new “normal” with the new school routine and the cooler weather just makes training easier.  I feel like I’m back in the swing of things and mentally prepared for the distance. This past weekend, a few of the Mamas ran together at the Schuylkill River Trail and we ran 12 strong miles. It was exactly what I needed to build confidence for this race and feel like I can tackle a marathon in a few months….

Until I woke up Monday morning and the bottom outside of my foot was bothering me.  Thinking that it was just general soreness from running 12 miles, I ignored it. It got my attention a few times when I walked, but I chalked it up to wearing different shoes during my run, a pair I knew I really shouldn’t have worn (but at 6:00 am when you’re trying not to wake anyone up, you wear what you find!). I didn’t let it bother me too much….  Until Tuesday morning – I woke up and it really hurt when I started walking.  Panic started to creep in and all I could think was “NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME!”  I’ve been so careful with my training; I’ve worked a lot on core and lower body strengthening with TRX and Pilates. I’ve been working on total body stretching and strengthening with yoga.  How could this be?  I had taken rest days from running on Monday and Tuesday and just did one non-impact strength class, but here I am Wednesday night wondering if I’m going to be able to survive 13.1 miles this weekend with this kind of pain.  I feel deflated and frustrated.

I hobbled today and only used the toes on my right foot for balance in hopes to avoid irritating whatever it is that’s causing this stabbing pain and discomfort.  There’s no swelling, no bruising, no discoloration or anything odd-looking.  So what could it be?  In consulting Dr. Google, it sounds like I may have peroneal tendonitis, an overuse injury. Hmm, that sounds like that could be right.  See this picture below, X marks the spot of the pain and that’s exactly where I feel it when I weight bear through my whole foot (image found on

peroneal tendonitis

This is my first real running issue other than the occasional shin splints and general soreness after pounding the pavement.  I guess I’m just happy that I didn’t read “stress fracture” everywhere I looked, that would be so much worse.  Hopefully peroneal tendonitis is what this problem is and hopefully a little rest with some icing helps the situation.  I can’t stop now… I’ve already got my plane ticket to Disney!

Along with my diagnosis (who needs a doctor?), I also found blog sites sharing information about a company called Superfeet.  Apparently they have really terrific insoles for all kinds of shoes that provide additional support and shock absorption. I’ve never heard of this product before, and I’m curious about it.  I am going to order this pair and test them out.

Berry – women’s size C

This pair is for high impact performance, are slim, and designed for women who live on their feet. Sounds about right! They received good reviews, so I’ll give them a shot. Check them out at

As for Sunday? I guess I’ll just have to keep the hope alive that I can still race. Wish me luck!

– Mama K

Links for helpful information:

2 thoughts on “Possible Peroneal Tendonitis? Now’s Not a Good Time!”

  1. Oh no oh no oh no oh no!!!!!!! I am so sorry to hear this!!!! I hope you feel better today- just remember- it’s only a race, your health is more important!


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