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Marathon Jitters – It’s Almost Time!!!


A week from today, my sole sisters and I will be making our way through the Disney Marathon Weekend Expo and trying to wrap our minds around what’s about to happen.  Today was my last longish run during this taper period and it was my best 8 miles ever.  The next big one is race day and I can’t even believe that it’s so close!  I dare not say that I’m ready, but I was able to follow most of the training schedule (with some hiccups) and my mind is prepared for the long event.

This past week I had the the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite marathon mamas, Erin.  She’s done countless races, marathons, and a half Ironman triathlon. I told her that all I’ve heard in my head this past month is her voice: “Trust the training”.  It’s VERY difficult to trust the training when your last really long run was so many weeks ago.  Here’s how part of the conversation went (per my memory):

Me: “I’m freaking out because I feel like I’m not doing enough, like I need one more really long run to make sure I can do it…..I keep hearing you in my head telling me to trust the training.”

Erin: “You are definitely going to make it and you need to just trust the training.”

Me: “I know, I know! I just don’t feel ready.”

Erin: “You ARE ready. You’ve been training for 18 weeks for this.”  (even longer actually when I think about it)

And then she said something to me that I totally wasn’t expecting to hear: “Nothing you do (running wise) from now until that race will make a difference. What matters most is what you put into your body. So, lots of water and healthy foods- easy on the dairy.”  I stood in disbelief for a moment.  I just couldn’t imagine only focusing on my diet for the next 12 days and  not being so stressed out about not getting out there to really pound the pavement one or two last times “just to be sure”.  But I trust Erin and I trust her advice.  So I let myself feel a sense of relief.

Which brings me back to my 8 mile run today. I ran my fastest 10K ever in 1:01:05 and was able to continue that awesomeness afterwards (sub 10 minute mile, which is super speedy for a slogger like me).  Now this isn’t going to be my race pace by any means, but I think running on fresh legs and letting go of the sole blocker feelings that have plagued me for this past week was liberating.  And this is my wish for the race – to be fearless and free and confident. I’m going to make it a priority to leave all the “I should do mores” and “I didn’t do enoughs” at home so I can trust the training, trust the energy of the race day, and trust my body.  It won’t get rid of the nerves and all the anxiety of doing something this big, but it’ll help me to enjoy the journey that is the next 7 days!

Blaze that Trail,

Mama K

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