Goodbye Ol’ Albatross…

It’s been over a month, yes a whole month, since our Disney adventure.  In some ways it feels like just last week, in other ways it seems like last year, and in many ways it seems like it never happened at all!  I’ve had so many thoughts bouncing around in my head that I couldn’t decide on what to share.  And in addition, quite honestly, the biggest thing I wanted to share was the fact that I didn’t feel like running AT ALL.  Not one step.  No trails of awesomeness being blazed here.

I was trying to take Mama K’s advice and “Finish the Mile I’m In”, but I couldn’t get myself on the treadmill to start that mile.  I haven’t been completely inactive- there have been days that mind over matter has won and I’ve pounded the rotating belt for a few miles.  But where were the endorphins?  Where was my “I can do anything because I ran today” feeling?  Where was the gal who was getting up extra early to put in 10 miles before the sun was up?  I was feeling lousy, depressed and disappointed in myself.  And while I talked to several people who have had the same post marathon experience, it wasn’t making me feel better.   The thought of running (or not running as it has been most days lately) hung like the proverbial albatross around my neck.

Then today it happened- the email that changed it all.  We entered the Broad Street lottery as a team and we were fortunate to win spots in the largest 10 mile run in the country!  Woo-hoo!! I had just opened the email when I heard my text message begin to ding over and over again.  I knew it was my fellow Mamas celebrating the good news! The email and those texts sent the albatross flying, cleared the black clouds, and brought it all back into focus!

I wish I could tell you that I quickly laced up my sneaks and had the run of my life.  But between shoveling snow, a delayed school start, and a mountain of laundry it didn’t happen.  What did happen though was that I didn’t feel guilty about not running and I laid out my clothes for tomorrow morning’s run with a big smile on my face!

So, in summary, I guess what I want to share with you today is the same thing I have shared before- even though the message is the same, I hope it brings your inspiration during these long cold days of winter.  Find a race, find your fellow Mamas, and RUN HAPPY!

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