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We Keep Showing Up

And (gulp) now the instructors know our names…now they politely, yet sternly say things like “Candice, it’s time to work” when I stop to catch my breath for a little too long…classmates know who we are and make eye contact now as they say things like “good job, today”….our names are written on the board without hesitation so can only mean one thing: we have to keep showing up.  This is exactly how I felt after class this morning…

It doesn’t matter that we have to use two hands to insert the key into the ignition of the car once we’re finished because our arms are too shaky. It doesn’t matter that my quads are screaming at me as I climb stairs. It doesn’t matter that I obsessively think about pull ups.  It doesn’t matter that all I do at stoplights is smile as a stare at the blisters forming at the base of my fingers. We keep showing up.


I lift really tiny weights and I feel really awkward.


I have a lot to learn about technique and form.

Mama D rockin’ the rowing machine

I come to class carrying fears and doubts… Then I sweat them away.


At least one time every class I whisper to myself “I didn’t think I could do that” as I bend over to catch my breath and steady the world.

Each week my capabilities expand.

I grow with each small victory.

That’s Jaime in the pink. She’s the reason we tried this awesomeness. She swings a 35 pound kettle bell around like a boss.

I leave “the box” a better person…a more confident version of me.

And that is why, my friends, I think I’ll keep showing up.


Be inspired today!

-Mama K

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