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Plot Twist!

An unexpected little injury popped up this week.  Well, actually it was last week, but there was no pain so I thought I was okay. Last Monday I took the dogs for half of my 4 mile run.  It was one of the crappy runs that I posted about a few days ago.  I believe I tweaked my knee just enough to cause swelling last week and pain starting yesterday (though the swelling has gone down quite a bit). I think what happened was when I was starting to strike the pavement with my left foot, Tessa (my yellow lab who has to smell every tree and mark every neighbor’s front yard) was slightly behind me on my left, but abruptly stopped to smell something. As I shifted my weight to my now front left leg, my upper body jerked back and twisted left because she brought us to a screeching halt.  I didn’t feel anything at the time and didn’t think anything of it as it happens at least twice on every run.  I can typically anticipate her stop, but tTessahis time I didn’t and now I’m paying for it. This is the culprit (see picture to the right)…don’t let that adorable face mislead you.

That nose has to inventory every blade of grass, every fire hydrant, every tree, every bench, every everything.  I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with running with the dogs.  I love walking them because I see the joy they gets from their time outside, especially Tessa.  She thrives in the outdoors.  I love running with her specifically because (after about a half a mile when she’s not as rambunctious) she’s right next to me, tongue hanging out all floppy, she’s at her best. She is completely connected to me and that brings me a certain sense of happiness.  I HATE running with a flaming hot bag of poo in my hand for a mile until I find a trash can when one of them decides to take the largest dump of their life.  I hate having to hold two leashes and feel like I should just find a sleigh and a few more pups to drag me along.  I love feeling safe running around town no matter what hour of the day because no one’s gonna  mess with this guy…


But now I feel downright frustrated by this plot twist.  I’m going to have to ice and rest for the remainder of the week which puts me almost 2 weeks behind in my half training (missed 10 days while on vacation). My well thought out plan that I came up with on Saturday has officially been scratched.  I’ve been icing my knee multiple times a day and I’ve been trying not to bear full weight through it. I have foam rolled since my muscles have been tight and my husband has used a roller on my legs for me as well, especially the hamstrings.  The knee hasn’t been painful up until yesterday as the swelling has gone down.  The pain isn’t constant, it’s just when I start the impact – stairs/attempting to run, or when my gait is shifted as in  carrying a 35 pound almost 3 year old on my hip who is melting down on said stairs.   This morning I attempted to run on the treadmill, nice and easy. I made it a quarter of a mile and a sharp little pain started on the inside of my knee.  I found this quite interesting since the swelling has been the lower outside of my knee beneath my kneecap toward my shin.  I made it a half mile on the mill and quit.  Anxious and near tears, I freaked out about missing my 7-8 mile run this past weekend and the attempt this morning. I felt extra driven to do “something”,  so I got myself over to the YMCA to swim, which was a really good decision.  Swimming loosened me up and I was able to finish a mile in about 40 minutes.  While it felt really good to swim, there was this little voice in my head that said “this isn’t running so it doesn’t count”. I worked really hard to quiet that voice. Tomorrow morning I was scheduled to hit the box and strength train.  All evening I’d been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to go.  I would’ve definitely told the coach about the pain and swelling and asked for modifications or a different WOD – something that incorporates midline/core floor work and/or bar work that wouldn’t require any squatting or running.   Not sure of what to do, I once again turned to Facebook, but this time I posted my question to the CrossFit Fidelity group.

cross fit questionThree of the coaches commented on the post and they were unanimous in their recommendation to rest…..but they don’t know the inside of an obsessive runner’s brain all hopped up on the training schedule…..they confirmed what my gut was telling me today. It’s better to rest now than make it worse and not be able to race at all.

One coach said she doesn’t mess with two things: knees and the back….. I think I have to agree with her.

Another coach suggested what I was thinking about doing- midline work and bar work- so I decided that I’d swim this week and give my knee a rest and plan to go to class on Friday morning.

And that, my friends, is how it takes a whole village to raise this runner. I’m not sure what tomorrow or the next few days will bring, but I plan to take a deep breath and just be mindful of what my body is telling me.  I’m also adjusting my half marathon goals as I go along so I can relieve myself from this stress.  Today’s goals for the Beat the Blerch race are:

  1. Buy a new super cute running shirt for a race and a padded sports bra so I don’t look like I have man boobs in every picture.
  2. Get to the race on time…the Pope will be in Philadelphia that weekend so the entire city will be shut down. Who knows how long it’ll take us to get to Jersey. We should probably leave Tuesday at midnight to get there by Saturday morning.
  3. Cross both start and finish lines. The end.

-Mama K

2 thoughts on “Plot Twist!”

  1. Oh no! Rest/swim/core sounds like a great idea! Um, paddes sports bra…sounds terrible? I already get boob sweat and I feel like padding would make that worse? Yes, Tuesday departure sounds appropriate. Love you!


  2. Padded sports bra?! How did that go?! You crack me up! And I didn’t realize your race was the weekend of the pope… Yikes! I’m so sorry about your knee! So frustrating!!!! Glad you’re listening to your body 🙂 I hope it heels quickly!


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