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Can’t wait to run like a coked out orangutan…

For the last .1 miles of this race! It’s one of the “Do’s” of running long distances (particularly marathons) in The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by Matt Inman, AKA The Oatmeal.  See me pointing to the small picture below that doesn’t really give you a good idea of what he’s talking about.

Blerch1My excitement is bubbling over for Friday afternoon.  The thought of meeting The Oatmeal, watching him autograph my book (oh, how I do hope his marker writes my name), and figuring out how to somehow get a picture with him (after he declines my first two offers) has my brain in a constant buzz.  Blerch3

I just can’t wait for this race.  But why?  I didn’t follow a training plan for this half marathon, my legs were too tired or sore to do more than 3-4 miles at one shot during the week, and I never ran more than 3 times a week. Many weeks it was just twice.  I spent my time CrossFitting and yogaing and blerching.  I preferred my training to be that way.  It didn’t seem stressful or life consuming.  I actually found it to be an enjoyable experience.  This last week before the race I will have only run 3.3 miles and gone to CrossFit once- yesterday, which has made my entire upper body and back very sore (Mama D and I calculated 198 movements between all the burpees, wall balls, cleans and jerks, and push ups).  I am planning to go to yoga tomorrow to stretch out, but I don’t foresee myself doing anything else but resting.  Is that bad? Probably. I’ll likely kick myself when I am hurting for the first 12 miles and dying for the last 1 mile, only to feel like a dream for that final tenth of a mile.  I’ll also be mad with myself when I don’t PR, but for now, it’s all good.  And I’m going to see The Oatmeal.  Did I mention how excited I am for that?  My palms are sweaty already and my fingertips are sliding all over the keyboard – that’s how excited I am.  Only one other thing makes me that sweaty: when someone says to me “I’m going to see you on Shark Tank one day.”

This will defiBlerch4nitely be me (see picture to the left); way over accessorized for the race.  Water bottles, my hat, watch, phone, and everything else in this picture that The Oatmeal is making fun of. That’s how I roll and I have no shame. My friends love to run with me because I always have an extra GU, trail mix, banana, Honey Waffle, and extra water because they didn’t think they needed any on a 92 degree day. And also, I always know how far we’ve gone.  No shame.

Will we beat the Blerch?  I have no idea!  With stomach viruses and sore throats burning through schools and neighborhoods like wildfire this past week, it’s anyone’s guess if we’ll even be relatively healthy enough to get to the starting line. The best news is that there are couches along the course so if we need a break (or a nap) no one’s going to question it.

Cupcakes, magical grapey juice, and couches at the aid stations.  Fat little cherub Blerches running with you or chasing you.  I’m not sure if a race could get any better than that.  I’m so excited.  Did I mention that already?


-Mama K

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