Mama D, Mama K (CD5K)

What a year!

When I reflect on the year, I’m so impressed by the fact that we’ve spent most of 2015 terrified because it was a year of many firsts.  A marathon, rope burns, trail runs, AMRAPS, new yoga poses, business ideas inspired by all those bad port-o-potty experiences, and 10 miler PRs made this our best year yet.  When I look back at the photos I can’t help but think “We did that?……We did that!”   I’m so thankful that the bonds of old friendships continue to strengthen.  The forging of new friendships has built us a family of support for all of these crazy adventures. Here’s to 2016!

Marathon Weekend – January 2015

Winter Training – don’t mess with Mama G and Mama D

Broad Street 10 miler – May 2015

Summer Training

The beginning of the CrossFit obsession – June 2015

(please don’t vote us off, Mama D can do pull ups now….we’re not ready to go yet…)

Beat the Blerch Half Marathon – September 2015

Barbell for Boobs Fundraiser – October 2015

Mama D’s PR and medal at the Makin’ Bear Tracks 5K (I’m pretty sure it was 25 minutes) – October 2015

Badass Dash Obstacle Race – October 2015

BIG DAY!!!  1st Pull Up! October 27th, 2015

pull up.JPG

Oley 10 Miler – another PR for Mama D! – November 2015

Handstands, Flying Crows, and Flying Lizards

Holiday WOD & Party at CrossFit Fidelity

New Year’s Eve Throw Down with Mama T (AKA “The Boss”)

And there it is… Our 2015 in review.  We’ve already got 2 half marathons scheduled in the next few months and we’re looking to pick a sprint triathlon to do for the end of summer/early fall for our next challenge.  I’m so excited to create more memories and to see what 2016 holds for the Soleful Mamas. Cheers!

Keep moving forward,

-Mama K

2 thoughts on “What a year!”

  1. Hi Candice and Jane,
    It has been great meeting you both and getting to know you both at CF. My work schedule changed a little so I had to put my membership on hold for now. I am still in for the DE half!! Keep me posted and keep up the great work!!!


    1. Maureen, we miss seeing your smile at CF! So glad you are in for the half, it’s going to be such a great time. We’ll get together and do some training runs in February and March. 🙂


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