Running of the Bears

There’s no reason to sugar coat it, I was downright dreading our 9 mile training run this morning. I had been up early all week working out and I just was exhausted by last night. Even when I woke up this morning, an 8am start seemed too early. My brain and body definitely needed down time, but I knew that it’d feel like a huge accomplishment when it was all over. Mind over matter, right?  I think part of my avoidance was that I knew 9 miles around town required us to go to some far away roads and tackle some really long hills.  It just didn’t seem doable today.  Thankfully, Mama D and I decided this morning that we could just loop. Loop a few times at the park, loop a few times at the high school track, loop a few times at the junior high track and that would cover it. They are all within a mile from my house so the idea of doing 9 miles but not having to really go so far was a really great one. It was a solid plan for today’s training. 

We started from my house and made our way to the high school track to drop off some water for later on in the run. We decided to go back to the junior high track for a few laps because we saw that the Boyertown Wellness Council was sponsoring the Wellness Fair. The Running of the Bears was an activity at the track where families walked, ran, and played their way through their laps and earned miles for their schools. We decided to join in and boy are we so glad we did!  It was so refreshing to see families outside together; kids running, playing, laughing; grown ups smiling and enjoying the morning.  We were  so inspired (it happens when you run around other people!) and made a little video about our time at the Running of the Bears. 

Be inspired today! 

– Mama K 

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