Mama D, Mama K (CD5K), Training (read: Practicing)

The Next Step…

Eeekkk! We just did it! We signed up for our first women’s only runners retreat.  Rock Retreat Run 2016 is a retreat hosted by Fellow Flowers.  If you watched our pre-race video from the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend, you saw Mel.  Mel’s a co-founder of Fellow Flowers and she really gave us a push to #sayyes to the ideas and dreams we’ve been chasing. She politely challenged us to #riseup. It’s time for us to step into who we really are and see what happens next. Get ready because great things are coming!

 For details on this retreat, check out the Fellow Flowers website.


4 thoughts on “The Next Step…”

    1. You know what’s really helped me over the years? To set aside my exercise time and write it on my work calendar like it’s an appointment, even if it can only be 2x/week. And even when the time comes to do it and I can only walk or so something little, that’s what happens. Then it doesn’t feel like starting over all the time. The appointments help me to stay accountable. Good luck! You can do this!


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