Training (read: Practicing)

April Fools?

We’ve got 2 weeks left until our half marathon in Delaware and I can’t believe how Mother Nature has thrown us for some crazy loops.  Yesterday it was in the 30’s, snowing, and windy.  Today was a gorgeously sunny, not a cloud in the sky, but cold and kind of windy in the upper 20’s sort of day.  To  politely put it, April’s like a box of chocolates.  Truthfully, I think April’s really just Karma’s bitch slap to the year. That said, we decided to make the best of these unexpectedly cold weather days and take it all in stride (pun intended).

It was actually really gorgeous running through down with big giant snowflakes blowing right in our eyes. Once we got over the initial sting and found the right route of running with the wind the 5 miles flew by because we giggled the whole way through.

This morning’s unscripted 12 mile run took us through the farmlands of Boyertown. Everything’s better with friends so it was all smiles the whole way through.

With 2 miles left to go, Mama D insisted that a picture be taken with this billboard.  “Mind Melts” due to likely oxygen deprivation and heavy exertion can make you do some crazy and ridiculously silly things when you run.  But this? Well, you can be the judge.

gun show

It was a good idea at the time…maybe…but putting sweaty clothes back on in cold weather made me second guess this decision.  Oh, okay okay, I’m lying.  This was so fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  The looks from people driving by were priceless.  Totally worth it.

Keep moving forward (with a smile),

-Mama K


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