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Coastal Delaware Running Festival – Race Review 

It’s as if Sunday didn’t even happen already.  The weekend was so incredibly fun that time stood still and flew by all at the same time. We went down as a team of 15 women, some preparing for their first half and others looking to PR, all looking to have a fabulous weekend getaway with girlfriends. It’s hard to describe the experience with words so I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this post. 

Saturday’s packet pick up- most of us were registered for the half, but the race offered a 9K and full marathon courses as well. None of us were up for a full, but I think this would be a really good one to do. 


Even though it was chilly and raining a bit, we were so close to the beach we couldn’t resist spending a little time in the sand. 

That night we had the most delicious homemade meal complete with birthday celebrations. 

Race morning we were up at 5am and out the door at about 6 to head to Dewey State Park to the start of the race. Our morning was complete with a cup of the Soleful Mamas special homemade coffee blend #sweatyatsunrise – delicious! (And it got the bowels moving- success!) 

Thankfully, we had an easy trip to the parking lot. Our car was pretty nervous! 

The port-o-potty situation was fantastic and there were no issues with waiting too long or overly smelly units. 

The fast and flat course was scenic and beautiful through the park, neighborhoods, by the ocean, on the boardwalk, around ponds, and on a gravel trail. Water stops were at about every 2 miles.


The end of the course had plenty of spots to cheer on the other runners. 

Mama D PR’d with a 1:56 time, Mama C PR’d with a 2:11 time and Mama K PR’d with a 2:09. It felt amazing to have all of us have such a strong run. 

The after party was the main event! An incredible buffet of food and drinks awaited all of the runners on a bayside beach.  It truly couldn’t have been better.
  This was probably the best half marathon experience I’ve had to date.  Everything about it was fabulous. Next year will be the 3rd year of this event and I can’t wait to be a part of it again. 🙂 
Get out there and blaze your trail of awesomeness this week!

-Mama K 

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